One week left

season is coming down to the end…with a week left in the season we are still
in first place by 1 game anything is possible out here…you cant get
comfortable…we played games were we were leading by 10 runs and the other
teams came to tie in late innings…it happens alot out here…there are alot
of great talent and hitters here in the fall league so you never know what can

The Washington
Nationals GM called me a couple days ago and told me some exciting news…

he broke the good news…he told me that I had made the 40 man roster…it was
the greatest new I’ve heard since I’ve been playing pro ball…I called all my
family…I broke them the news and they were so excited for me…the whole day
friends and family back at home were calling me congratulating me…I was
exciting to hear what everyone had to say about me…

news broke so fast in my family I only got to call my mom and dad…I got off
the phone and tried to call my brothers but they already knew…my parents had
already broke the news….


Hey Leonard, I am very proud of you and I love you, keep up the good work…..Love MOM

Leonard. We are proud of you too. Keep up the good work. Your Vermont Host Family

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